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This is totally amazing. I like the great ideas and wonderful work of success you have here and I will definitely recommend this for everyone. Many thanks!!

Gone to Texas

What a great resource for businesses looking to make the move to Texas!

Muleshoe EDC

So awesome to hear directly from companies who have made the move to Texas! Looking forward to hearing more #GoneToTexas


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Great information! Thank you, Super Dave!

CEO’s tell all

Great info! Very interesting perspectives from people in the know!

Great Podcast to Learn More about Business in Texas

Great new podcast that helps everyone learn more about business in Texas! Come listen why so many companies are picking up and done “Gone to Texas”!

Feeling informed

Information is power

A great listen!

Great to hear real stories about businesses that have moved to Texas!

Gone to Texas

Excited to have yet another platform to listen, learn and lead business in Texas.

Great resource!

So glad to find this awesome resource for economic development! Go Texas!!! Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Interesting Take on a business and Economic Development

Loved the first hand stories from Business owners.

My favorite new hobby

Best podcast I have listened to!